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Being founders of NOA GROUP, we have developed collaborations with agarwood growing landowners in several Asian countries ( India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, Philippines and Laos ). These families have family land passed down from generation to generation which allows us to offer our customers the possibility of accessing rare products several decades or even hundreds of years old at unbeatable prices on the market.

How to burn oud?

Various methods have been invented over the years for burning oud. The one we use and which has been used since the dawn of time is the so-called “classic” one which allows you to make the most of its natural resin and olfactory power. Don't hesitate to click on the button to watch the video!

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Welcome to our prestigious universe where luxury and generosity meet. At Agarwood Morocco, every purchase is an exceptional experience. Discover our collection of prestigious perfumes, unique creations that captivate the senses and enchant the soul. Each perfume is sold with a free crystal bottle.

Agarwood Morocco

Agarwood Luxury OUD Maroc is a company specializing in the harvesting and distribution of Agarwood, more commonly known in Morocco as “OUD QMARI”, based in the Majorelle district in Marrakech. Created by two autodidacts father/son wishing to share their passion with the whole world, Agarwood Luxury oud was created according to the following principles:

Advise and offer personalized customer service

Rare and noble products at very affordable prices

Perfect knowledge of the products (Origin, Grade and olfactory notes)