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Agarwood Maroc

Musk Tahara - India

Musk Tahara - India

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White Musk: Jewel of Purity

White Musk is easily distinguished by its exceptional and long-lasting scent. Its snow color and cotton appearance make it a precious jewel particularly coveted by women in the Middle East.

Features :

  • Exceptional scent : A unique fragrance that stands out for its delicacy and depth.
  • Long-lasting : A scent that persists, enveloping you in a refined fragrance throughout the day.
  • Visual appearance : A snow color and a cotton texture, symbols of purity and elegance.

Why you'll love it:

  • Precious and coveted : Highly sought after by Middle Eastern women for its rarity and timeless charm.
  • Luxury Feel : A fragrance that embodies luxury and sophistication.
  • Bewitching scent : A musk that evokes softness and purity, creating a captivating aura.
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