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Agarwood Maroc

King Kalimatan - Indonesia

King Kalimatan - Indonesia

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Very Old Oud from Indonesia (+100 years old)

Top note: Woody and floral
Heart note: Leather, Saffron
Base note: Creamy, earthy sweet

Discover a very ancient oud from Indonesia, over 100 years old, offering an exceptional and rare olfactory experience. This aromatic treasure begins with floral woody notes at the top, evolves into a heart of leather and saffron, then fades into a soft creamy and earthy base. Its natural resin, imprinted by the forests and sacred temples of Indonesia, transports your senses on a medicinal and spiritual journey, as practiced by the ancients.

Features :

  • Age and rarity : More than 100 years of history, this oud is rare and precious.
  • Traditional virtues : Used for its medicinal and spiritual properties by Indonesian ancestors.
  • Limited stock : Available in very limited quantities, guaranteeing its exclusivity and uniqueness.

Why you'll love it:

  • History and tradition : A direct link to the ancient traditions of Indonesia, enriching every inhalation.
  • Aromatic complexity : Balanced blend of woody notes, leather, saffron and a creamy, earthy finish.
  • Absolute exclusivity : A must for collectors and lovers of rare ouds looking for a unique sensory experience.

Explore the Very Ancient Oud of Indonesia and let yourself be captivated by its thousand-year-old history and its captivating fragrance, a rarity that transcends time and space.

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