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Agarwood Maroc

Royal WILD OUD - Cambodia

Royal WILD OUD - Cambodia

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Royal Wild Cambodian Oud: The Excellence of Wild Agarwood

Top note: Floral/Sweet
Heart note: Woody/Resin
Base note: Earthy

Explore Cambodian excellence with Royal Wild Oud Agarwood. Each piece is unique, adorned with splendid irregularities and infused with a breathtaking natural fragrance!

Why choose Royal Wild Oud Agarwood:

  • Purity and naturalness : Harvested in the wild forests of Cambodia, this oud embodies the quintessence of nature.
  • Captivating aromas : Sweet floral notes at the top blend harmoniously with woody and resinous accords at the heart, for an earthy finish that evokes the very essence of the Cambodian terroir.
  • Artisanal quality : Each piece is selected for its natural beauty and captivating scent, offering an authentic and luxurious olfactory experience.

Discover Royal Wild Oud Agarwood and let yourself be transported into a world of sensory purity and natural sophistication. An invitation to explore the hidden treasures of the Cambodian forests.

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