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Agarwood Maroc

Royal Burmenese - Burma

Royal Burmenese - Burma

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Ancient Treasure of the Burmese Forests: Precious and Rare Oud Wood

Top note: Resin
Heart note: Floral/Earthy
Base note: Woody

Explore this rare treasure of oud wood from the secret forests of Burma, carefully aged to reveal rich notes of resin, floral and earthy nuances. This very old agarwood has become a rarity, difficult to find.

Features :

  • Rare and precious : From the hidden forests of Burma, an exceptional aged oud.
  • Complex Notes : Harmonious balance between deep resin, floral nuances and earthy earth.
  • Authenticity and quality : Each inhalation transports you to a unique and enveloping olfactory experience.

Why you'll love it:

  • Natural Elegance : Offers a subtle yet captivating scent, ideal for oud connoisseurs seeking rare quality.
  • Olfactory richness : Resinous, floral and woody notes come together to create a fragrance that is both deep and soothing.
  • Heritage and tradition : This oud embodies the essence of Burmese forests, providing a timeless sensory experience.

Discover this rare oud wood from the hidden forests of Burma, and let yourself be enchanted by its resinous, floral and earthy notes, a true rare pearl in the world of luxury perfumes.

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