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Agarwood Maroc

Prachin Triple- Thailand

Prachin Triple- Thailand

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Triple Oud Prachin Oil: Flourishing Radiance from Thailand

Discover the powerful elegance of Oud Prachin Triple oil, a thriving essence from the lands of Thailand, now available at Agarwood Maroc. This Oud oil is distinguished by its long duration and its imposing and captivating olfactory profile.

Features :

  • Precious origin : A rare oil, distilled with care to guarantee exceptional quality.
  • Distinctive aromatic profile : Strong floral and sweet top notes, a leathery heart, and a resinous, woody base.
  • Exceptional hold : A long-lasting fragrance that accompanies you throughout the day.

Why you'll love it:

  • Floral and sweet explosion : The unique combination of floral and sweet notes envelops you in a deliciously captivating aura.
  • Richness and depth : The leather and woody notes add a dimension of depth and sophistication to this fragrance.
  • Guaranteed bestseller : Appreciated by our customers for its imposing olfactory profile and its durability, this Oud oil is a must-have.

Let yourself be seduced by the intensity and softness of Oud Prachin Triple oil, a true ode to the luxurious scents of Thailand.

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