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Agarwood Maroc

Philippines AAA - Philippines

Philippines AAA - Philippines

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Oud Wood Floral, Vanilla, Woody

Top note: Floral
Heart note: Vanilla
Base note: Woody

This captivating oud wood is an ode to exoticism and sophistication. It begins with delicate floral notes at the top, develops with the captivating warmth of vanilla at the heart, and blossoms into a mystical woody base. Each inhalation reveals an intense and fresh scent, providing an exotic and pleasant olfactory experience from start to finish.

Features :

  • Aromatic richness : Offers an intense and fresh fragrance that evolves harmoniously.
  • Perfect Balance : Subtle blend of floral, vanilla and woody notes for a captivating sensation.
  • Elegance and mystery : A mystical woody fragrance that intrigues and enchants the senses.

Why you'll love it:

  • Sensuality and refinement : Ideal for those looking for an exotic and sophisticated fragrance.
  • Long-lasting : Offers a fragrance that lingers pleasantly throughout the day.
  • Exclusivity : A perfect choice to discover the authentic essence of oud wood in all its splendor.

Discover this floral, vanilla, woody oud wood and let yourself be transported by its exotic and mystical scent, an olfactory experience that captures the imagination and inspires elegance

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