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Agarwood Maroc

Cambodia Royal - Cambodia

Cambodia Royal - Cambodia

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Immerse yourself in Cambodia's centuries-old olfactory heritage with Cambodia King precious oil. Capturing over fifty years of maturity and richness, this Oud Qmari oil is a rare and exquisite treasure.

Sourced from the depths of Cambodia's lush forests, every drop of Cambodia King tells a story of patience and expertise. The olfactory notes that are revealed are a true sensory symphony:

  • Top note : A captivating sweetness welcomes your senses, with sweet and floral notes that evoke fields of flowers in full bloom. The delicacy of these initial notes sets the stage for a memorable olfactory experience.

  • Heart note : At the heart of this fragrance, the warmth of wood and the depth of resin blend harmoniously. The essence of the forest comes to life, evoking spellbinding walks through ancient woods, where each tree carries the history of centuries.

  • Base Note : Like a nighttime campfire deep in the forest, the base notes exude a captivating aura of smoke and earth. An earthy and smoky touch envelops the whole, creating a mysterious and captivating atmosphere.

Each bottle of Cambodia King is an invitation to an unforgettable sensory journey, where the rich traditions of Cambodia meet the timeless elegance of Oud Qmari oil. Immerse yourself in this unique olfactory experience and discover the authentic luxury of Cambodia King.

*Sold with a 3ml crystal bottle of your choice*

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